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Smart Defense Security

Smart Defense Security Goes Beyond Cameras

Everyone is familiar with the sight of security cameras, but these are just one aspect of a high quality security system. A good system will also control access, allow for personalized security protocols, and help secure your premises against non-human threats like fire.

When a large area needs to be secured, one of the most important parts of a high quality security system is the "hub." This is where security personnel do things like watch monitor screens, make calls, buzz people into secure areas, and make public announcements. It can be in a room, be set up at a 360-degree desk, or even be enclosed in a wire mesh "cage." Which one of these is the most appropriate depends on your premises, and possibly, the surrounding neighborhood.

Another important aspect to consider is whether or not you need protection against non-human threats. Our smart defense security cameras can "see" fire and smoke, and this makes them great additions to fire systems that use heat as their trigger. A camera can "see" this type of problem before heat increases enough to trigger the main fire suppression system, so it's a good first line of defense.

Access control is another key aspect to a good personalized security system. This includes a variety of locks, such as biometric, keyed, and remote controlled. Remote controlled locks are the kind where you need a security person to "buzz you in" when you ring a bell and identify yourself. They're good for any situation where people may be authorized to enter the area, but not to have their own keys.

Sometimes, access control is done mostly to keep people moving in the desired directions. One-way turnstiles and visitor management kiosks typically fill these roles.

Finally, we come to the cameras. Modern security cameras need to capture excellent images in order to be useful in police investigations. These images not only help with seeking suspects, but in proving their involvement in crimes. Therefore, it's important to use camera systems with high resolutions and avoid the types that produce blurry images.

A smart defense security system contains all of the needed elements of those mentioned, and in some cases, they have other elements as well. When done correctly, it will provide a broad-based level of security coverage and protect you and your premises against a number of threats.

To learn about our security options, contact us here at Smart Integrated Solutions in Singapore. We are familiar with all of the local areas and regulations, and can recommend the perfect systems for your security needs. We look forward to working with you.

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