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Quality CCTV

Why You Need Quality CCTV Footage

If you've ever seen a report on the news where they say something was "caught on camera," and all you can see is a blurry blob, you know what is wrong with low-quality CCTV footage. Cameras that produce such poor images are only good for deterring thieves who mistakenly think that they can actually be identified from the footage. If you really want to be able to identify troublemakers, however, you will need high quality CCTV security cameras and recording abilities.

High-quality security cameras have higher resolution recording abilities, so the features of everyone who passes in front of them are easy to see. This makes it so that captured images can reasonably be used by police to help find suspects. When people see that your camera is actually worth something, they will be much more deterred from crime than they otherwise would have been.

It's easy to let people know that you have high quality CCTV. Simply set up a monitor facing the customer side of your counter, or down an aisle that you wish to protect. Then, everyone who sees that monitor will also see that it is showing an excellent, detailed image.

While theft deterrence and evidence capture are typically the primary reasons for installing security cameras, they aren't the only ones. Smart integrated CCTV systems can handle other tasks at the same time. One of these is determining the body temperature of everyone within range of the camera's sensor. With this option, you don't have to have someone stand at the door and check people's temperatures.

Instead, you or an employee can simply watch a monitor. As people walk past the camera, the system isolates each one and displays their temperatures on the monitor screen. Any with overly-high temperatures can then be taken aside and handled according to your company's protocols.

Smart integrated CCTV can also handle basic people-counting requirements. If you run an establishment that has to keep occupancy below a certain level, this ability is essential. With it, you don't have to wonder if your doorman clicked a counter for each person during a busy period. You can rest assured that the computer knows exactly how many are inside, and take action if the number is too high. Getting the figure is as simple as looking at your smart integrated CCTV readout.

To find out more about what our CCTV systems can do for you, just contact us. We're Smart Integrated Solutions, and we are the experts in surveillance, access control, and other security-related systems. We are headquartered in Singapore and serve the entire area.

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