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Security System

If You Operate a Building, You Need a Security System

There are many security system options available today. This makes it easy to match your system to your needs.

A basic security system may include just one camera. These systems are typically IP-based. How they work is simple. The camera sends its images to you over the internet. You can view them on a computer screen, tablet, or even your phone. These systems are popular with people who want to be able to see who is at a door without opening it, or that only want to monitor one area. Of course, they can be expanded to cover more areas, as well.

If you'd like something that goes beyond this, a smart security system is a good choice. A system with video analytics lets you do more than just make recordings of who is in a particular space. You can have it count how many people there are, calculate how many have come and gone, and even have it take people's temperatures. The latter capability is great for store operators or building managers who need a way to spot feverish people without forcing them to stand in temperature-checking lines.

Of course, a smart security system isn't just about surveillance. It also includes access control. In some locations, a basic lock and key system is plenty. However, sensitive areas need more. Therefore, we offer upgraded options like biometric locks, electronics lockers, turnstile access aisles, and more. We also offer all of the equipment you need to set up a centralized security control hub, including screen walls and IoT monitoring systems.

When all of the capabilities of a modern security system are used, you can set up a fully automated security suite. This will integrate video display and recording, automatic locks, and even CCTV-based fire and smoke detection. A fully automatic security suite can call humans when they are needed, and handle everything else on its own.

When you have a good smart security system, you eliminate many problems and deter other ones. Opportunistic thieves, who simply look for open doors and other unsecure situations, are out of luck even with the most basic deterrents. Those who are more motivated to get in find themselves thwarted by advanced locks. Even better, the presence of cameras is a deterrent to both novice and practiced miscreants. No would-be criminal is eager to do anything illegal when there's a camera right there to collect evidence.

Our fully automated security options let you get even more benefit from your setup. Add our temperature checker to speed entry into your store or other establishment, and you'll be able to operate much more efficiently in the time of COVID-19.

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