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CCTV Data Analysis

What Can CCTV Data Analysis Show?

CCTV systems aren't just for showing pictures anymore. Thanks to CCTV artificial intelligence, you can get much more information from them.

One of the most popular uses of CCTV artificial intelligence today is to check if anyone in a covered area has a fever. This trend is being driven by COVID-19, which typically causes those who have it to suffer increased body temperatures. Many companies now screen against people who have fevers, but the usual "temperature gun" systems force would-be entrants to wait in lines to be checked one at a time. A CCTV-based temperature monitoring system eliminates that line, while still allowing those who have fevers to be highlighted.

CCTV data analysis is also good for determining how many people have come and gone from a venue. While this information isn't usually used for health purposes, it lets company and venue owners know how popular a place or event has been. It also allows businesses to learn when they typically have busy periods, and when the slow times are. Information like this can be used to decide when to schedule operations that would otherwise be disruptive, such as floor cleaning or shelf stocking.

CCTV artificial intelligence can also be used to spot certain dangers. Fire and smoke can be automatically detected, resulting in a call to the fire department or other designated attendant when needed. Of course, it can only detect these things if they are in view of the camera, so a CCTV system is usually used as an adjunct to heat-based fire detection systems.

As you can see, modern CCTV is able to provide you with much more than grainy footage of people coming up to your counter to pay for things. That said, you'll be pleased to find that today's CCTV footage isn't necessarily grainy, either. We have improved cameras and data storage techniques so that you get to see a clear picture of every area that is covered by one of your cameras.

Even if your original reason for being interested in CCTV was to watch your counters and record any attempts at theft, it's a good idea to take a close look at the other capabilities offered by modern systems. You'll love what you can learn from CCTV data analysis, and the ability to get rid of temperature-check lines while still maintaining safety will surely thrill your customers. Once you see everything else a modern system can do, you'll likely be far more interested in that than you are in watching movies on your counter. Of course, if you do need that counter footage, it'll be right there waiting, as always.

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